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Soteric Academy is fully accredited by:

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Welcome to Soteric Academy!


Soteric Academy is a private college preparatory high school for grades 7-12. Following traditional & old school education philosophy and methods, we provide personalized college preparatory curriculum to instruct, inspire and challenge students to think independently, study intelligently and utilize the knowledge to lead and compete in a global world. Our school is fully accredited by WASC and NIPSA.



Soteric Academy offers four distinct strengths:


  • An academic focused curriculum that emphasizes depth over breadth, engages students' interests and motivates them to learn.

  • A small and personalized learning environment where every student is known, seen and valued. Each student receives highly personalized guidance to thrive for individual excellence.

  • Best quality Ph.D. teacher team will lead each student step by step to the acceptance of TOP 100 Universities.

  • Early start of college preparation classes (SAT/PSAT/AP).



Our Vision is every Soteric Academy student will graduate with knowledge, skill and character to lead in a global society. We create and support a culture of high expectations for all, where students grow in knowledge and wisdom, develop new skills, and form safe and strong relationships with teachers, peers, parents, and the community.



Thank you for your interest in Soteric Academy! We are thrilled to be part of a community that is dedicated, innovative and compassionate.  We know you will be, too!



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