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College Preparation

We understand the high aspirations of our students and their parents. Our comprehensive college preparation programs equip our students with the necessary tools and resources to excel in college admissions.

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Effective Communication & Partnership

We value open and transparent communication with parents, understanding the importance of a strong partnership between the school and home. We provide regular updates on academic progress, conduct parent-teacher conferences, and address any concerns or questions.

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Focused & Supportive Environment

We cultivate a focused and supportive learning environment that inspires our students to reach their full potential. With an emphasis on discipline and strong study habits, we instill in our students the importance of dedication, perseverance, and self-motivation.

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Join our Academy and Unleash Your Potential

We strive to unleash the potential of exceptional students like you. Through a combination of academic rigor, supportive guidance, enriching extracurricular opportunities, we empower our students to become the leaders of tomorrow. 

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Cultural Integration

While academic achievement is paramount, we also celebrate and nurture our students' cultural heritage. We embrace diversity and foster a multicultural environment that encourages cross-cultural understanding and appreciation.

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English Immersion for International Students

We have an effective program to help international students study with us, and improve their english language speaking and writing skills quickly.

Outdoor Learning at its Best

Future Leaders Summer Camp

Our summer camp program provides opportunities for Soteric OC Academy students to explore the outdoors with engaging science activities, improve your english speaking and writing abilities through creatives arts and delve into the world of robotics through hands-on projects.

3 Week Camp

Aug 1st - Aug 21st

Universities our Alumni have Attended

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