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International Students Are Always Welcome

English Immersion

Learning in English fully immersed into American culture and conversing freely with native speakers is essential for accelerated language acquisition. Here at Soteric, we strive to accommodate the needs of our English learners.

Quality Education

Honors and Advanced Placement courses are the standard requirement for attending universities. Soteric Academy attracts high achieving students that can learn at their own pace, and accelerate their studies without having to slow down for their classmates.


Not only with a quick processing time, we are qualified to provide an I20 that will enable international students to seek an F-1 Visa at their local embassy.

Students have the added benefit of rolling admissions. They can apply at anytime of the year. Obtaining a student visa is not always easy and we want to provide as much opportunity as possible for our international students. They get to learn in the US and our US students get to learn from them. 

Ideal Location

Soteric Academy is located in the city of Irvine, California. According to, Irvine has been in the running for the safest city in the United States for the 17th consecutive year. Not only that, it is also the cleanest city— with access to the best beaches, and tourist attractions like Laguna Niguel, Fashion Island, Disneyland and San Diego in Southern California. Students can easily access University of Irvine, University of Los Angeles, USC, UC Berkeley and UC San Diego for recreational tours and college advising.

Live in beautiful homes with hosts that represent and present the Soteric Values and policies. 

Providing our students with quality accommodations and good food is something we take to heart. Taking into account the different flavor palates of our international students adds to our meal profile, and experience for all of the boarding students as a whole. We take pride in providing the best possible living situations, transportation and provisions for our students that they may excel in their time with us at Soteric Academy!

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